My husband and I had not had enjoyable relations for several years. It was mechanical and just no point to putting in the effort. It made me very sad I felt ashamed to see someone, after all I was 68 years old. I thought maybe sex was just over at my age. My husband said he wasn't ready to throw in the towel. He heard of a therapist who might help us. I thought he was nuts, but I said what the heck. I'm so grateful. Roger and I are having the time of our lives. She taught us how to get out of ourselves and discover sides of ourselves we hadn't been opened up to yet. It's been the best two years of our lives and I'm 70 having the best sex ever!

Georgia L.

" I honestly never thought I'd wake up positive and believe in myself again, but I have. I feel that my positive new outlook was truly through the help of Dr. Carrie. "

Bill M.

"Dr Carrie helped me resolve some issues within my family. I can't take what occurred in the past away but i learned to see past it. Thank you, Dr. Carrie”,

Lindsey M.

"I found Dr. Carrie to be very helpful for my husband and I both. The ability of doing it over video really helped with us with time management within our schedules."

Rachael B.

"My girlfriend and I did the video counseling, and it basically saved our relationship. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Carrie."

Ted B.


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