Sex Therapy and Sex Coaching

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When it comes to mental as well as sexual care people look to professionals. When it comes to sex and sexual struggles and looking towards professional help there are different avenues to travel. There is sex therapy and sex coaching. Which or who to seek professional help from, a sex coach or a sex therapist is a common question once people start looking into the field. One is not better than another. It really depends on the work you want to do and the time you want to put in.

The main difference between sex coaching and sex therapy is based on the modality of working. Both therapists preferably have a doctorate and master’s in clinical psychology and training in sex therapy/ sexology. If not, this is probably not an appropriate choice.  

 A sex therapist typically explores a person’s past and goes into their childhood to help them heal their past wounds through coping skills and self-care and often trauma work.    Sex therapy is based on several forms of therapy that work best for the client, grounded on the actual need and catalyst for treatment. This is more in depth and a deeper level of therapy consuming a broader sense of therapy.  

Sex coaching, on the other hand, looks at what is going on in the present moment and moves the client(s) forward to their end goal with very little concern of history.  A person’s past experience will often be a part of the conversation for a brief period of time since important information can be there that is needed to move the client forward. Both help clients with their sexual concerns.  Sex coaching is usually solution focused oriented which means the therapist and client are more about getting the goal at hand addressed as soon as possible without focusing on the why or the nature of the origin of the concern. In general, sex coaching is a more of a short-term therapy.  

I do both, An initial consultation can lead us into the appropriate direction to go. We will talk and an assessment will be given to figure out your course of treatment.


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