As we begin to move pass Covid,  we are all still dealing with connection, loneliness, and anxiety.

Finding our way back to our old norm is just  not a possibility. It  has come to be a realization that we must create a new  way of living. Life has changed and we must adjust. The way we deal will everyday life such as 

This is such uncharted territory for all of us and nobody knew anything like this was coming, so even if you were not initially stressed, having to stay inside and not interact with others can be very isolating. and perhaps frightening. There are parts of our daily lives we didn’t even realize how much we have grown to depend on. Even something as small as the basic interaction with fellow patrons at the coffee house or at the bank, these interactions, are simply that, interactions. We have a need to connect. This is all new to us all, everything about it is unknown. In truth, most of us like to be in control, and this situation, clearly makes us all feel quite the contrary. Making time to contact friends and family is essential.

Online therapy is also here to help you during quarantine. 

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Coronavirus and Stress

How to navigate feelings of isolation and anxiety?

First and foremost, reach out to friends and family via the phone or FaceTime.  It has been a solid four months and we need to continue routine. Having a constant pattern of living helps maintain a sense of consistency and control.

Try to continue to engage in activities that you enjoy and can maintain at home. If you enjoy exercise, continue to do so.  The situation with the gyms and fitness clubs seems to continue to flip flop so having back up is essential. Now, more than ever, streaming workout services are available.

If cooking is your thing, the same is available.  The same goes for basically all arts and crafts and you would be amazed to find out just how many of them have come to be over the last four months.  is a fabulous source.   Netflix has also just released a number of new series and many shows filmed outside of the US are translated into English to offer more viewing options. 

Initially, limiting  your news coverage to an acceptable amount per day was a necessity. This was a big issue because of the anxiety it created. At this point in time, I think it is imperative to give yourself at least 15 minutes a day of local news as our circumstances are changing daily. This is relative for school and new regulations that seem to change daily.

The heightened stress and uncertainty around COVID-19 has led some people to join chat groups to discuss feelings and there are other other groups even having “happy hour” with friends or new friends to combat loneliness. Research has shown that many relationships and new found friendships have evolved this way. The truth is, this is a new time and everything we do and how we do it is different. Its hard to let go of the past but we can look at this new way of living as an adventure as well. I have clients tell me daily about the silver lining in this new life we are living. 

 In addition,  there are always  online therapy sites like myself and others to help combat anxiety and alleviate stress and isolation. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have. 

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